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Thomas Walls

Isnt it time to take your advertising to "THE EDGE"? The Marketers Edge!
Started in 2009 and still here in 2023!

If you are marketing a web site, splash page, lead capture page, product or service, we give you the tools that give you the EDGE on the competition!

The Marketers Edge is free to join, easy to use, manual traffic exchange that provides you with a steady flow of real visitors to your websites.

How it works: You sign up for free, add your advertising, then view other members advertising. In turn, your advertising is seen by other like minded individuals like yourself.

This is an easy way for you to get your web sites, your business, and, your brand seen!

The Marketers Edge Features:

  • The Marketers Edge is FREE to join!
  • Surf to Earn is FREE to join!
  • Enter up to 10 websites, 10 banners, and 10 text ads into our system!
  • 10 second count down timer while you view other members ads.
  • View two sites from other members, and, earn one view of your site!
  • Power Surf: Earn even more views during our Power Surf sessions!
  • Win bonus views, banner, and, text ad impressions, while viewing our members sites!
  • Immediate Site Approval: No waiting for admin to approve your sites.
  • Surf to Earn is Cheat-Proof: Cheaters and losers can't waste your site views. Our constantly updated system ensures only real people view your sites.
  • Earn Commissions: All members earn 30% commissions on their direct referral purchases.
  • Downline Builder: All your signups get to join your programs through your link, helping you to build down lines in other sites.

The beauty of The Marketers Edge is that you get what you put in. The more websites you view, the more traffic you get, giving you potentially unlimited visitors to your sites!

Get the "EDGE" in your marketing efforts, join The Marketers Edge today!